bmonc Services.

Flat roofs monitoring system. Cloud services. EU Standards compliant reporting. maintenance records. Mobile-Apps for clients.

100% free.

Free installation of sensors at the critical points in the roof structure. Built-in energy packs provide power to the sensors. Long transmission duration guaranteed.

Made in Austria.

2 years warranty. Precise measurements through calibrated sensors. All-weather, impact-resistant housing. Installation in all common roof structures.

bmonc Cloud.

Sensors can be used worldwide. Independent connection to the bmonc cloud. Central data warehouse. Mobile Apps for customers.

bmonc Cloud.

Humidity and temperature monitoring Apps. Precise measurements and mesurement reports support the monitoring of building envelopes.

bmonc sensor

bmonc sensor.

Micro-sensors technology. Optimal building envelope sensor. Worldwide automatic data provider search. Automatic bmonc cloud connection. Low mounting dimensions. No external power required. Long lifetime.

bmonc sensoren app

bmonc apps.

Apps for iOS and Android. Robust apps for construction site use. Surveillance monitors. Reporting capabilities. Flexible in use. 100% mobile use. Smart monitoring.

bmonc Sensor Temperatur

Pr├Ązise Messungen.

Precise humidity and temperature measurements. Calibrated sensors. Optimal building envelope monitoring. Trend tracking of the measured values. Active notification. Active alarms. EU Standards fair reports.


bmonc apps for humidity and temperature measurement. Precise measurements and reports support the technical monitoring of building envelopes.

100% Free.

Freely positionable sensors in all common building envelopes. The sensors are supplied with an integrated energy pack. Long lifetime.


Precise measurements support the building envelope monitoring. Humidity and temperature are precisely measured and the data visualized in a customer-friendly way.

Damage prevention.

bmonc - Sensors proactively detect negative moisture development in the building envelope. Damage can be detected and avoided.


7x5 cm sensors build a micro monitoring network. Fast, site-specific installation of the sensors.

Made in Austria.

Technology durability. Firmware upgradeable. All-weather, impact-resistant housing. Installation in all common roof structures.


Developed and produced in Austria. Calibrated sensors. Robust. Long lifetime. 2 years warranty.

What our customers says.

Many satisfied customers use bmonc building envelopes sensors for damage prevention. With the help of bmonc the contractual maintenance obligation becomes easier and safer to fulfill.

“With the bmonc sensors we can remotely monitor the objects of our customers. The dampening trend in the roof structures gives us the security of the lasting quality of our designs. The online status about the impermeability of the building envelopes gives confidence to our customers.”

Dieter Kotrnec, CEO Pasteiner Managing Director

“The tightness of roofs is one thing. The problem of the ingress of moisture the other. The structures of roofs can be massively damaged. High renovation costs. Properly installed bmonc sensors can prevent damage in critical roof structures.”

Wolfgang Hubner, Surveyors
ASMME.ORG Association for Moisture Monitoring and Engineering

“bmonc sensors represent an innovation in modern building envelope monitoring! Transparency creates trust. Damage prevention and safety are in the foreground. For the benefit of our customers. bmonc enables permanent quality control for building envelope manufacturers.”

Sigrid Koller, bmonc GmbH Managing Director


We offer our service as a purchase or rental option. Warranty services and data connection costs included.

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